SureSmile® Clear Aligners

What is SureSmile®?

SureSmile® has long been used to correct an array of orthodontic problems faced by children, teens and adults alike. SureSmile® uses a system of clear trays, known as aligners, to apply gentle pressure to the teeth. The SureSmile® system is very similar to the Invisalign® clear aligner system, which you may be familiar with. The pressure applied from the aligners can eventually correct issues involving crowding, spacing, and crookedness so that you’re left with a straight and beautiful smile. SureSmile® aligners are clear in nature, so no one but you and the dental team will even know you’re wearing them.

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Why is SureSmile® needed?

At Good Faith Dentistry, we’re committed to providing the best dental solutions for our patients. With the plethora of orthodontic treatment options available today, we’ve chosen to place our trust in SureSmile® Clear Aligners. Dr. Foust has dedicated herself to researching and understanding the benefits of different aligner systems, ensuring the choices made are in the best interest of her patients.

Why We Have Chosen the SureSmile® System Over Invisalign® Clear Aligners

The decision between SureSmile® and Invisalign® in Burleson, TX wasn’t made lightly. Both systems have their merits, but SureSmile® has shown some distinct advantages:

  1. Precision: SureSmile® utilizes advanced 3D imaging, which aids in designing a more precise treatment plan tailored for individual needs.
  2. Efficiency: The SureSmile® treatment typically requires fewer visits to the dentist, making it convenient for our patients.
  3. Comfort: Patients have reported that SureSmile® aligners offer a more comfortable fit compared to other systems.
  4. Cost: In many cases, SureSmile® proves to be more cost-effective than Invisalign, without compromising on quality.

Why is SureSmile® needed?

SureSmile® is often recommended to patients who want to avoid the stigma of bulky, metal traditional braces. You might be an older teen or adult who wants to benefit from orthodontic treatment, but you’re hesitant to have work done because you don’t want to wear metal brackets and wires. 

Misalignment Issues SureSmile® Can Correct

SureSmile® clear aligners are adept at correcting a wide range of dental misalignment issues. These include:

  1. Overbite: When the upper teeth overlap significantly with the lower ones.
  2. Underbite: When the lower teeth sit in front of the upper teeth.
  3. Crossbite: A combination of overbite and underbite.
  4. Open Bite: When the upper and lower teeth don’t meet when biting.
  5. Unevenly Spaced Teeth: Spaces between teeth, which can lead to gum problems.
  6. Crowded Teeth: When there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all of the teeth to fit comfortably or naturally.

Benefits of SureSmile® Clear aligners?

Choosing SureSmile® clear aligners in Burleson, TX, provides a host of benefits:

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing: Being nearly invisible, they’re a discreet choice.
  2. Removable: This makes oral hygiene practices easier and eating more comfortable.
  3. No Dietary Restrictions: Since they’re removable, you can eat whatever you want.
  4. Less Discomfort: Without the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces, you won’t be bothered by scraped or irritated gums.
  5. Time-saving: Often, fewer dental appointments are required and the treatment duration is considerably shorter than with traditional braces.
Expect With Invisalign Treatment

Who is a good candidate for SureSmile®?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for SureSmile® treatment, you’ll need to come in for a consultation appointment and examination. SureSmile® is often recommended to older teens and adults who can commit to keeping the aligners in for 22 hours a day. Younger children may remove the aligners and forget to put them back in, prolonging treatment and halting results. Most patients who want Invisalign can safely have the treatment done.

What can you expect with SureSmile® treatment?

Consultation: We begin with an exam and consultation in which you will discuss your specific aesthetic goals or dental issues with Dr. Foust.

3D Imaging: We will then capture detailed images of your teeth using state-of-the-art 3D imaging. No uncomfortable impression trays required!

Custom Treatment Plan: Dr. Foust will craft a unique plan just for you, showing a virtual representation of the anticipated progress.

Receiving Your Aligners: Once designed, you’ll receive a set of aligners to wear. Each set is worn for about two weeks.

You’ll need to wear these aligners for 22 hours a day and only remove them when brushing and eating.

Periodic Check Ups: You will need to come back into the office at regular intervals to have new aligners made for you over the course of treatment as your teeth shift. SureSmile® treatment can take anywhere from six months to about two or three years depending on orthodontic severity.

SureSmile® FAQs


Q: How often do I need to wear my SureSmile® aligners?

A: For optimal results, it’s recommended to wear them for 20-22 hours a day, only removing them for eating and oral hygiene.

Q: Can I drink while wearing my aligners?

A: It’s advised to remove them when drinking anything other than water to avoid staining.

Q: What’s the age requirement for SureSmile®?

A: While primarily used for adults, teenagers can also benefit. However, it’s essential to consult with Dr. Foust for suitability.

Q: How do I clean my SureSmile® aligners?

A: Use lukewarm water, a soft-bristle toothbrush, and a gentle soap. Avoid using toothpaste as it can be abrasive.

Q: Is the SureSmile® treatment painful?

A: Some discomfort is normal when starting a new set of aligners, but it typically subsides in a few days.

Q: Will I need retainers after my SureSmile® treatment?

A: Yes, retainers are crucial in maintaining your newly aligned teeth position.

Got more questions? Head over to our SureSmile FAQ page.

Get SureSmile® Clear aligners Today!

Embarking on a journey towards a more confident smile is a decision of a lifetime. Let Dr. Foust and the Good Faith Dentistry team be your partners on this transformative journey with SureSmile® clear aligners in Burleson, TX.

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